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As promised, here's the code for the layout I've been working on over the past few days; I called it Junk Dealer because I put it together for an RP journal for Maqui, really (and the accent color is inspired by the NORA insignia on his vest).

Click for a full preview.

CSS and special mentions can be found beneath the cut.

☆ Includes custom entry pages.
☆ The CSS is streamlined to make customization easier; you'll only have to change one value to change any color or font. All color and font definitions are found in the bottom two sections, titled Text and Colors.
☆ Fonts used are Verdana and Georgia; to change either one, you'll only have to change the font family name in the Text section.
☆ The two red accent colors are #8d1823 (text) and #a43742 (elements). Each value only appears once, so just replace that with the color you want if you'd like to change it.
☆ To set this up, select any Basic Boxes theme and then change the page layout to 1 Column (modules at top and bottom; no sidebar) Then, under Customize your theme, navigate to Custom CSS, uncheck the "Use layout's stylesheet(s)," and paste the CSS into the box; save your changes and then go to the Modules section. You should set your modules up to look something like this (you can use whatever tags display you would like); this will ensure the modules display properly. Also, it doesn't matter if the extra modules (Syndication, Time Loaded, Powered By, Style Credit, Search, and - for paid accounts - Active Entries) are unchecked or not since the CSS is set to hide them.

And that's that; enjoy!
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The Seaside City of Bodhum

This community is a resource for any icons and layouts that I put together; I'm not particularly frequent about posting any - I mostly make icons when I feel like there's something new I'd like to have and my layouts are created on a whim - but it's nice to have them in a good, central location where I can share them with others.

I mostly create icons for whatever has caught my fancy; generally, this is whatever fandom I love. The ones that will likely get the most love are Ouran High School Host Club, Final Fantasy XIII, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, D.Gray-man, and Xenosaga.

As for layouts, I prefer clean layouts that generally provide some room for flexibility. I also like keeping any background images to a minimum, both to main that clean look and to offer versatility. I suppose this might be a nod toward the concept of "simple and elegant." None of my work is particularly stunning or groundbreaking, but it generally gets the job done well enough - and it's hopefully easy on the eyes.