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Hello, everyone! I spent some time today putting together a layout that I figured I would share with everyone. It's nothing too out-of-this-world or anything (though you could say this is a common theme with my layouts).

There are some special features with this layout's CSS that I'll mention behind the cut - which is, conveniently, where you will also find the CSS itself.

To make this layout look right, you should use a three-column version of Basic Boxes (or Noveau Oleanders, really). In your modules, make sure that the Profile and Custom Text are set to the Main Module Section. Next make sure your Links List, Tags, Calendar, and Page Summary are in your Secondary Module Section. Other modules are set to not display - they look awkward with the fixed sizes for the module boxes.

I personally feel this layout looks best with the metadata up top, but you could really put it either above or below the entry text as per your preference.

There are a few special classes I added into the CSS that you can make use of: span.title, span.subtitle, .emphasist1, .emphasist2, emphasist3, and .emphasisgr. These allow you to get some effects on your text that are customized to the layout. To use the title and subtitle ones, use the following:
     <span class="title">Your Text Here</span>
     <span class="subtitle">Your Text Here</span>

The emphasis styles can be used with any HTML tag; they're just to add a visual flair, really. Some examples on codes with them are:
     <em class="emphasist1">Your Text Here</em>
     <span class="emphasist2">Your Text Here</span>
     <strong class="emphasist3">Your Text Here</strong>
     <b class="emphasisgr">Your Text Here</b>

This layout will not show the Network and Memories links at the top of the page.

This layout includes custom comment pages.

With that out of the way, you can find the CSS for this layout here:

Paste that CSS into the box on Custom CSS and make sure to uncheck where it says "Use layout's stylesheet(s)."

And that's that. Enjoy!


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The Seaside City of Bodhum

This community is a resource for any icons and layouts that I put together; I'm not particularly frequent about posting any - I mostly make icons when I feel like there's something new I'd like to have and my layouts are created on a whim - but it's nice to have them in a good, central location where I can share them with others.

I mostly create icons for whatever has caught my fancy; generally, this is whatever fandom I love. The ones that will likely get the most love are Ouran High School Host Club, Final Fantasy XIII, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, D.Gray-man, and Xenosaga.

As for layouts, I prefer clean layouts that generally provide some room for flexibility. I also like keeping any background images to a minimum, both to main that clean look and to offer versatility. I suppose this might be a nod toward the concept of "simple and elegant." None of my work is particularly stunning or groundbreaking, but it generally gets the job done well enough - and it's hopefully easy on the eyes.